Festival Awards Ceremony Preview

ourw.JPGThe Nokia Theater hosts the Siggraph Computer Animation Festival’s awards ceremony today at 3:45, when the winners of the Audience Award, the Student Prize, the Jury Award, and the Best of Show award will be announced. I’ve covered many of the films up for these awards in previous blogs. See France dominates Computer Animation Festival and Commercials and Promo Spots are Shorts Too for details and links to some of the actual films themselves.

I’ll take this chance to spotlight some of the nominees I haven’t covered. Carbon Footprint is a time-lapse movie depicting 50 years in the life of a discarded aluminum can and is enough to make you vocal the next time you see some jackass throw something away on the street. It comes from the U.K.-based Jellyfish Pictures, and despite its very short running time, is a strong contender for Best of Show.

Dreamworks brought a clip from its upcoming feature Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa and its up for Best of Show. The animation is very fluid and detailed, but there are more things to celebrate at Siggraph than more talking-animal movies aimed at mainstream audiences, so I’m not sure why its even in this category.

Chump and Clump, up for the Jury Award, is a funny German short that looks like it could have been created by Cheech and Chong. The similarities in the two main characters’ names is probably not coincidental, as the substance-abusing pair are stuck waiting for a bus for an entire week and are forced to amuse themselves. It even has a Superbad-like hetero-lifemate component to boot.

I almost don’t want to ruin the fun of Our Wonderful Nature, another German import up for the Jury Award. HFF Potsdam has designed the short to look like a photorealistic nature documentary, but that’s not entirely the truth, as the nature of courtship in nature is given a wicked spin.

Barenbraut is a confounding 2D black-and-white short that follows a girl, a friendly beast, and a lumberjack as they struggle to coexist peacefully in a wilderness environment. Devoid of dialogue, this German film is a slower and longer piece that confronts the nature of loneliness and free will.

I’ll be blogging the winners later, so stay tuned!

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