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Siggraph 2008 CAF Award Winners

Well, I hate to say I told you so, but…a couple of days ago I wrote this entry, France dominates Computer Animation Festival, which is pretty self-explanatory. Now, I’m writing to tell you of the winners in the Siggraph 2008 Compuater Animateion Festival, and guess what?

France dominated.

Here’s the list, all deserving winners. Congratulations to all the nominees on a great exhibition!

Best of Show Winner
Gobelins l’école de l’image, France more

A look back at the SIGGRAPH CAF from a contributor’s perspective.

It was an exciting day when I found out that my short film “Distraxion” was going to be featured in the 2008 SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival. I had spent the last two years bringing it to completion and I was constantly motivated by the goal of a screening at the CAF. The first year, I was a student in the short film curriculum at AnimationMentor. The next year, I had landed my position as staff animator at DreamWorks Animation and had dedicated my nights and weekends to completing the remaining work on the project. As exciting as it was to learn about my acceptance to the festival, it was even more exciting to learn that in 2008 a new format was being introduced. This new format combined the festival with what was in previous years known as the Electronic Theater. The two showcases would be shown intertwined in high definition digital projection at Los Angeles’ Nokia Theater. more

BlogLive @ Siggraph 2008 Podcast: John Knoll

Siggraph 2008 drew to a close with a bang Thursday night as ILM hosted a screening of its new Star Wars: Clone Wars animated feature at the Nokia Theater following the final run of the Electronic Theater. The screening featured an intro with the film’s director, Dave Filoni, being interviewed by ILM Academy Award-winning visual effects supervisor (and co-inventor of Adobe Photoshop), John Knoll, about their Star Wars experiences. At the private ILM party before the screening, millimeter Senior Editor Michael Goldman had the chance to have a quick chat with Knoll about his impressions of Siggraph 2008 and what parts of the show interested him the most. Hear their conversation.

James Cameron, More Celebrate Life and Work of Stan Winston

0115_stanwinston.jpg“He was fearless,” says James Cameron. Stan Winston always had the charisma to talk nervous producers into letting his creature effects and make-up studio create expensive, experimental visual effects for their movies. Cameron should know, because some of Winston’s most famous and groundbreaking work was done for Cameron’s 1991 film Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Last night at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles, hundreds gathered to pay tribute to legendary Hollywood effects guru Stan Winston, who died this past June. The man left a huge legacy of memorable and award-winning visual effects moments from movies such as Jurassic Park, Aliens, A.I., Iron Man, Predator, and Edward Scissorhands. Jody Duncan, author of “The Winston Effect” interviewed Cameron and some of Winston’s other collaborators about the keys to Winston’s success. more

Behind the scenes tour of

Michelle MeekerOver at the booth the company’s CEO Bobby Beck provided some fantastic insight into their online training methods. With over 700 current students from more than 50 countries worldwide, Beck has secured Teachers, a.k.a. “Mentors” from some of the best respected animation companies in the world–Dreamworks, Pixar, etc.

Students learn very specific animation techniques over an 18 month curriculum (Beck says a new, updated curriculum is launching in 2009) in which students can learn at their computer via live video webcasts where students get more individual exposure and training to their Mentors than can be found in traditional classrooms. more

The Enduring Influence of Two Old Men

alice2.jpgSiggraph 2008 covers a wide spectrum of educational topics concerning animation, so it’s no surprise that the conference isn’t always looking into the future if there’s something important to glean from the past. The storied history of classic animated movies from the Walt Disney Animation Studio still holds so much for the animators of today to learn from. This morning’s panel “A Tribute to the Life and Work of Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston” featured seven top animators of today sharing memories and discussing why these two of Disney’s famed “Nine Old Menâ€? continue to serve as inspiration. more

Softimage Puts Siggraph on Ice

Once again, the Siggraph party scene seems to be living up to all expectations–thanks to another blockbuster from Softimage. As is seemingly tradition from Avid‘s professional 3D animation software division, Softimage in cooperation with Dell put their cool spin on Siggraph with a party at 740 Club in downtown L.A. where they promoted their new transformative open platform ICE with a 45-minute set by notorious hip-hop and reality TV icon Vanilla Ice. more

Fjorg! Finale Finishes Furiously

fjorg1.jpgThere’s no shortage of people walking around Siggraph this year with plastic Viking helmets on their heads and goofy grins on their faces, and that can only mean one thing: Fjorg! is back.

Fjorg! 2008 The Sequel! gathers 16 teams from around the world and pits them against each other in a 32-hour Iron Man-style event where nothing but the ticking of the clock, extreme sleep deprivation, and multiple staged distractions from costumed weirdos stand in each team’s way of creating the best animated short ever. In reality, 32 hours is not a lot of time to do that, but the teams forge on undeterred. more

Event: ACM Siggraph 2008 Class on Computional and Journalism

Fundamentally, journalism is the process of collecting news information and disseminating that information with a layer of contextualization and understanding provided by journalists in the form of a news story. Recent advances in computational technology are rapidly affecting how news is gathered, reported, and distributed, and how stories are authored and told. New technologies for aggregating, visualizing, summarizing, consuming, and collaborating on news are becoming increasingly popular. They are challenging the traditional practices of journalism and directly affecting the future of news production and consumption. Read more about this event and how it’s of special interest to the SIGGRAPH community

Featured News from the Briefing Room: Massive Software To Host Events During SIGGRAPH 2008

Massive Software, developer of the artificial intelligence-driven animation system Massive, will be in Los Angeles during the SIGGRAPH 2008 conference, showcasing their latest product updates and unique customer projects at special events to be held throughout the show. Read on at The Briefing Room

More Siggraph 2008 news from The Briefing Room


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